Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Rumor has it that the only two posts in Toehold's history to use the word "rumor" are these:
  1. Another pet to entertain our dogs.
  2. Mouse warfare.
Coincidentally, they both involve animals (I might have said they both involve rodents, but rabbits are lagomorphs).

You might say I don't write about rumors much, but that's debatable. With that in mind, I offer a few rumors.
  1. Michael Jackson likes little boys, perhaps too much.
  2. Climate change denial is based on lies.
  3. When there's more fighting in Iraq, that means we're winning (which can only mean that when the fighting stops, we will have lost).
  4. My daughter: adorable.
  5. That unpleasantness at Abu Grhaib? Just a few bad apples. Nothing to do with the goings on at the White House.
  6. Mac users love rumors.
  7. I've heard Rumors, heard of Rumors and listened to Rumors.
There was a rumor that this list would be ten items long, but I don't do top ten lists.
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