Monday, May 09, 2005

Quick links: Torture, Iraq, national security, and Social Security.

Soldier lifts lid on Camp Delta "For the first time, an army insider blows the whistle on human rights abuses at Guantánamo"

British Memo Busts Bush. A leaked secret British memo says that Bush had made up his mind to attack Iraq (and make the intelligence serve that goal) at a time when he was telling us just the opposite.

REAL ID The United States is getting a de-facto national ID. Schneier talks about why this is a bad idea.

A post from Talking Points Memo "All the president has done is take the problem -- steep benefit cuts -- and redefined it as the solution. That's not a plan or a solution; it's a word game."

The Social Security Trust Fund is Irrelevant (Or How Al Gore Was Right) It argues that, because paying for Social Security is the same problem regardless of whether there are treasury bonds to "do" it, we may as well not have the treasury bonds. It's an interesting point.
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