Thursday, May 12, 2005

Label me, please.

This post at The Fire Ant Gazette pointed me to a political typology quiz which identified me as a liberal. At 17% of the general population (and 19% of registered voters), I'm part of the largest group they identify.

Not knowing anything about how they came by that result, I can't really speak to how meaningful it is, but it was fun to look over the charts on their issues page. From it, I get the impression that liberals are uniquely unified in their views.

What shocked me most was the results of a survey on torture.
Overall, the public is divided over using torture against suspected terrorists when such tactics may yield important information. Roughly half (51%) say it is never or rarely justified, but 45% believe it is at least sometimes justified.

Liberals are most strongly opposed to resorting to torture; 77% say it is rarely or never justified.
That's just stunning.
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