Monday, May 16, 2005

Bush Is Trying to Dismantle Social Security

This is unexpected good news. Half of America Believes Bush Is Trying to Dismantle Social Security. I've been thinking this for a while; what Bush really wants is not a fixed Social Security but a castrated Social Security. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the doubt remains. I think he (and like-minded individuals) have thought for a long time that SS was just a bad idea at the outset, and now's their chance to correct FDR's mistake.

Part of why I think I owe some "benefit of the doubt" is because I often have my head stuck in Talking Points Memo, and they've been referring to "privatization" as "phase-out" for quite a while. I figured the fact that I get a lot of my SS "news" from there, and the fact that it supports the phase-out interpretation, meant that I could very well be falling for some bias.

I figured "phase-out" was a minority view. Few people really want to end Social Security, and few people really believe that the President wants that. Most people, I figured, weren't so steeped in Internet sources. Most people were getting their news from the take-it-at-face-value folks at CNN, and they wouldn't go around calling it "phase-out."

Well, the masses seem to have taken my point of view after all. Are the TV folks doing a better job than I thought? I don't know; I'm just happy to hear it.
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