Monday, May 09, 2005

Teh Utlimate Bloggaarrr.

I'm grumpy about The Ultimate Blogger competition. I'll state up front that this is a result of some expectations I set for it early on, and not necessarily a result of some failing on TUB's part.

I thought of it as a writing competition.

It turns out, however, that the best writer does not necessarily win. Alliances have formed behind the scenes, and there are groups of contestants voting together. Contestants don't have an incentive to vote off the worst entry; they'd rather vote off the toughest competition. The only reason the clearly best isn't voted to oblivion outright is the awarding of immunity.

In this light, a good strategy might be to write non-threateningly mediocre (or even bad) entries, avoiding immunity and voting. When the bloggers left are all obviously inferior, write like crazy to get constant immunity. Who'd want to read that?

It might make entertaining television, but I think a different method is needed to find a top candidate.

Challenge 3 irritates me further since it's essentially a photography competition. I know that blogging now incorporates photos, sounds, and videos on top of the more traditional words and links. I guess the Ultimate Blogger folks are covering the bases here. Maybe future challenges will involve audio and video. Maybe there will be a challenge in which contestants search for the best link(s) on some topic. That would round out some of the blogging genres. Still, it bugs me.

It's probably a bias toward what I see as my strength. I post the occasional photo, but I really think of this blog as verbal. If I'd been selected as a contestant, I'd probably be thinking right now that I was at a disadvantage. Asking bloggers to photograph isn't such a stretch, but it still seems to me like asking authors to sculpt.

Maybe I'll slop something off to pretend that I'm still playing at home, but I'm getting a strong "don't embarrass yourself" vibe off this one.

That, and I'm swiftly losing interest in a competition where the best are eliminated first.
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