Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mom retrospective.

It's been four months since my mom died. I'm probably not done writing about her, her life, or her death, but I'm making a list of those posts so far.

In life.

A year of ALS. Written about a year after I learned of her diagnosis, this discusses how the disease changed her life.

Mom's progress. Written about a month before she died, this discusses her worsening condition and some of my own reaction.

In death.

My mom died. Written three days after her death, it has her obituary and a brief rundown of the events in the last few days.

Morphine Written at Mom's bedside two nights before she died, this is what showed me I needed to say goodbye.

Advice on death. I learned a thing or two. I share them with you.

Being there. I remember what it was like to be there when she died.

In gratitude.

Wilton Mortuary It's about what a good job the mortuary did, and an individual there who left an impression.

The best dog watcher. It's about the terrific dog watcher we had at the time.

In memorial.

Spelling checker, meet thy match. Mom was the "werst" speller.

Death's comfort A perspective on death.

In reviewing these, one thing that interests me is my predictions. One source says life expectancy for ALS patients after diagnosis is three to five years. I'm sure that's true, but it's more descriptive to say that 80% of ALS patients die within two years. Seven months before Mom died, I could tell she she wouldn't live another year. One month before she died, I was skeptical that she'd live another six months. I gave up hope and said goodbye two days before she died.

More posts written later.

An unexpected memory of Mom I recall feeling hopelessness and guilt.

My son sure does remind me... My son was born 11 months after Mom's death, and sometimes he reminds me of her.

An anniversary. About my ongoing grieving, and things that have stuck with me.
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