Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The best dog watcher.

As we bolted out the door to be with Mom, we had to find someone to look after our two golden retrievers in our absence. We came up with Lori Malczewski of 4 Legs & More Pet Sitting & Grooming (630-620-9343), and she was fantastic.

Lori has a grooming service also. We didn't ask her to, but while we were gone, she groomed both of our dogs. They looked and smelled better on our return than when we'd left. I don't think it's a regular feature of her service. Maybe she had some extra time on her hands; I don't know. In any case, this was just the first above-and-beyond thing she did.

She disposed of a dead mouse that she found in our kitchen. Ugh! Not wanting her to have to do any more of that, I said she could trigger the remaining traps, but she left them set. What a trooper!

When we left, we thought it would be a shorter trip than it was. Lori had no problem continuing to care for our dogs beyond her original commitment. She also took care of our rabbit, even going so far as to change her bedding.

Our neighbors confirmed that she'd take the dogs out and throw the ball for them. Before we got home, she vacuumed. When we got there, she'd left a note and a pitcher of flowers on our counter.
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