Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Weapons of mouse destruction.

During our long week in Peoria, two things happened, mouse-wise. First, a mouse died in one of the six death traps we left them. Second, there really wasn't much food laying around for them the entire time. We haven't seen any sign of the mice since then, but I can't tell which event had the effect. Did they abandon the house that no longer feeds them? Did the trap kill the last one? Were they frightened off by the switch from humane trap-and-release methods to merciless maim-and-kill methods? Perhaps they decided to move on from local pestilence to a nation-wide attack on our health. I don't know; perhaps I can ask when they return next winter.

Since they seem to have taken their leave of us, I thought it might be a good time to collect links to all the mouse postings. My only fear is that I might declare victory right before mouse incursions resume.
  1. Mouse warfare.
  2. Mouse arrest.
  3. Sighted: two mice.
  4. Captured: two mice.
  5. Pestilence, war, death...
  6. Mice: seven down, more to go.
  7. Eight captured, two killed.
I can hope that next year we won't have this problem, but I think that's like hoping next year we won't have snow in winter.
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