Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sighted: two mice.

I'm sitting at our table, next to the kitchen, and I see a mouse run right in front of me from under the table to the kitchen. I figure by the time I got out of my chair, it would be under the fridge, so I let it go.

Seconds later, a second mouse runs from the other side of the table also to the kitchen. The nerve! That one goes down the air duct that comes out under our trash. Again, gone faster than my reaction.

Before this, I knew there was at least one left to catch, and we haven't caught any for a couple of days. Now, I'm starting to imagine a mouse army amassed in our basement.

Right now our dog is standing in the middle of the kitchen ignoring the bags of groceries and staring at the edges of the floor. He's intent, and I'm just sitting here musing.
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