Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fornicating for chastity.

A wise guy once said that fighting for peace is like fornicating for chastity. Today we have a call to complain to the FCC about a conservative commentator who made some remark to which I personally didn't have much reaction. It was kind of boring, really.

We know that Activists Dominate Content Complaints to the tune of 99.8%, which is to say that most FCC complaints are motivated by a political agenda rather than actual outrage over content. That's an outrage, but also boring.

Can we not find something better to do than emulate the childish behavior of our enemies? I thought it was hilarious when Howard Stern fans swamped the FCC with complaints about Oprah, but this is getting silly.

It reminds me of something else a wise guy once said. Stupidity got us into this mess; why can't it get us out?
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