Thursday, December 23, 2004

Voting irregularity.

I registered to vote in my home town when I turned 18, and I voted in that election, against the incumbent. I didn't vote again until recently.

This summer I registered to vote where I now live. I was at some fair, and we stopped at a booth to fill out the forms. I don't remember much about it other than the expectation that I was then registered locally.

I never saw the voter registration card in the mail, so I wondered if I missed it. Between the registration deadline and the election, I made a phone call and asked if I was registered. They said I wasn't.

On election day, I went to the right polling place and voted with a provisional ballot. The folks there were polite and patient in confirming that I was at the right place. Again, I voted against the incumbent.

Last week, a voter registration card appeared in the mail.

So, what happened? Did they finally find the registration form I filled out half a year earlier? Was my provisional ballot taken as a registration?

I'm not worried about it, but I thought it was odd.
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