Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Captured: two mice.

At 6:30 this morning, I received an unconfirmed report of a mouse rattling around in a trap in the kitchen. Upon further investigation, I discovered that both traps were occupied by Mouse Invaders. I dispatched them to the big plastic holding cell and left them to contemplate their predicament in the basement.

Are these the same two mice I saw Saturday night? I know not. One of this morning's mice is clearly larger than the other, so this further confirms that we have old and young (the fourth insurgent captured was also a bit long in the tooth compared to the first three).

The last few days we've heard squeaking in the kitchen area. We've assumed it was a mouse distress signal, but we were never able to find the source. The idea of one of them getting in trouble and croaking somewhere we can't find gives me the creeps.

After releasing the prisoners down the street this morning, I dropped the tub over the fence onto concrete before going back in the house. A peice broke out of the corner on impact. Now I'll have to repair it or use something else for confinement. Since it now reeks of mouse odor, I'd much rather repair than ruin another. I suspect I'll stuff the hole with steel wool and then duct tape over that.
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