Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Random brain dribbles

My good friend (who has chosen not to reveal its identity and therefore obligates me not to do so also) has started a blog: Random brain dribbles. Allow me a few notes before my audience goes stampeding off.
  1. I think this friend is my only regular reader right now.
  2. As such, I can surmise that the sum total of my regular readership has already heard about this new blog.
  3. Nevertheless, I'd like my first time visitors, who don't know me from Adam, to know that I wholeheartedly endorse this other blog which will no doubt soon be filled with things you'd like to have in your head (or, at least, things you will be unable to remove from your head).
  4. This brings to two the number of my friends who've described their writings as "random" while I have described my writings randomly.
Thank you.
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