Thursday, January 06, 2005

More kid talk: restaurants.

I posted before about special names our daughter has taught us for the things in our lives. She names things simply, as she sees them, and the names stick.

When asked recently what she'd like to eat, my hungry daughter said she wanted dark soup. Confused, we asked where she's had dark soup, and she said, "the pillow restaurant." She calls it that because we usually get to sit in the private booth, on pillows.

In our house, Denny's is not the chain. It's a restaurant called Maxfield's where a man named Denny always gives my daughter candy before she leaves.

She calls the buffet "the bee restaurant" because they have a bee as a mascot, and she's seen the bee walking around while we've eaten.

She can ask for McDonald's by name, but she generally just asks for a cheeseburger and cares not whence it comes.
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