Thursday, February 24, 2005

Speek freely, fuckers.

Go read "THE X-ON CONGRESS: INDECENT COMMENT ON AN INDECENT SUBJECT" (which I heard about from this post at Does This Look Infected?).
This is bullshit -- unconstitutional bullshit and also bad policy bullshit. To violate your ban on indecency, I have been forced to use and overuse so-called indecent language. But if I called you a bunch of goddam motherfucking cocksucking cunt-eating blue-balled bastards with the morals of muggers and the intelligence of pond scum, that would be nothing compared to this indictment, to wit: you have sold the First Amendment, your birthright and that of your children. The Founders turn in their graves. You have spit on the grave of every warrior who fought under the Stars and Stripes.
(Written by retired trial judge, Steve Russell.)
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