Friday, February 18, 2005

Be Cool, it's just Ad Analysis.

We went to our nearby movie theater to see "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" with our Disnified daughter. While there, I saw a banner ad for "Be Cool" with John Travolta and an actress I didn't recognize. On my way to work, there's a billboard for the same movie, and it also has Travolta, but there's Uma Thurman next to him instead.

Are they just putting out different ads randomly, or were these targeted at the demographics of the locations? If the audiences at the theater are more often teenagers, more familiar with Cedric the Entertainer, then it makes sense to put him on the ad rather than someone else. If the drivers on the tollway are more often adult commuters, it might make sense to put Thurman on the billboard because she's more familiar to them.

On the other hand, considering Thurman was just in "Kill Bill" and Milian was just in "Torque", it would seem to me that Thurman is the better face to put on every billboard, so maybe there's not any thought going into these things after all, let alone demographic differentiation.
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