Friday, May 20, 2005

TUB Challenge 6: Nothingness.

I've been playing along with The Ultimate Blogger as a non-contestant (and that's been a catalyst for some of my finest work). You could say I'm an uncontested Ultimate Blogger. Anyway, challenge  6 is up, but if you read the text and watch the video, there's nothing there. This is both interesting and disappointing.

It's disappointing because it's basically no challenge. "Write something interesting about food" was a good challenge, but anyone could come up with "ah, just write something."

It's interesting because it leaves the field wide open to wild interpretation. It will be fun to see what happens when there are no boundaries. I thought of a few possibilities.
  • A post with no text and no title.
  • A story that features lots of nothingness. (e.g., "she gave me a piece of paper and said, 'here's my number; call me', but the paper was blank!")
  • Could you write something consisting entirely of questions? Did anyone else notice the title of the challenge was "question mark?"
  • Write something about a directionless void, and make the whole thing black text on a black background. Users have to select it all to read it.
I also thought of posting a link to my whole blog. If long entries are good, then 70,000 words must be great! Ultimately, I guess this is my "no effort" entry in the "no challenge."
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