Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Ultimate Blogger: Challenge 2 summary

The Ultimate Blogger competition is still going on, and I'm still participating (as a non-contestant), and it seems premature to keep writing "still" for all this when it's only Challenge 02: Tired Technologies. Contestants were asked to write about long-abandoned technology they used to love. I almost wrote about NetHack, but the sad truth is that I still play from time to time. Regardless, here are the entries in approximate order of appearance:
  1. Medya: how to use " straw" ?
  2. Mine (non-contestant): Old school tech retribution.
  3. MDC (non-contestant): The Ultimate Blogger At-Home Player Post 2: Tired Technologies
  4. Sonny: A Short History of Fashion Technology
  5. Mimi: Hey Boys
  6. Willow: sad fate of the mix tape
  7. Ritchey: Tech Talk
  8. Lois: A toboggan of cards
  10. Karsh (voted off): So Many Memories
  11. Joel: Welcome to my Friday...
  12. James (won immunity): .
The shocking revelation is that Crash has bowed out. I've had a busy day and have not read all these entries, so I'll refrain from picking favorites. I will say, however, that Mimi is starting to look like a one trick pony. Can there be a topic that she cannot relate to sex? Perhaps that could be challenge three.
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