Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Ultimate Blogger: Challenge 3 summary

Challenge 3 asks our intrepid Ultimate Blogger contestants to submit a photo on the theme "morning." More or less. See all the official contestant entries in one long scrolly page at the Challenge 3 archive page or click the links below for official and unofficial entries in my usual approximate order of appearance.
  1. Mine (non-contestant): My sunshine.
  2. James: 5:13 a.m.
  3. Sonny: The saddest bike in Paris
  4. Joel (voted off): Every Morning I reach For The Sky, And A Lot Of Things Follow Me There.
  5. Medya: AM hours in nature
  6. Mimi (won immunity): New York Mourning
  7. Willow: sleepy salutations
  8. Lois: Early morning dew on spring lilacs
  9. Lyova: Bangkok, 5.46 am: Ladyboy
  10. Ritchey: Pretty Literal Interpretation
  11. MDC (non-contestant): The Ultimate Blogger At-Home Player Post 3: Sunup Snapshot
The nice thing about this challenge is that it's hard to be longwinded in a photo. This is the first one where I can honestly say I gave full attention to every entry. My favorites were Mimi's, James's, and Sonny's (not necessarily in that order).
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