Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Another pet to entertain our dogs.

While at Dad's place this weekend, my pet-loving daughter spotted the bunny out by the garage and wanted to pet it. She asked politely, and we all gathered around as they brought an albino rabbit out of the cage.

She's the most docile rabbit I've ever seen. She just sat there in the grass while we petted and chatted. She munched. After a while she started to wander around but didn't make a break for it.

Vanilla was raised by a teacher in a class full of children. She's used to people. After seeing how sweet this bunny is and hearing that she's available to take home, we decided fairly easily that we'd have her.

The dogs haven't quite gotten over the hamsters yet. Now there's this rabbit!

We're hoping that eventually the dogs can get used to the rabbit to the point where we can have them both loose in the same room together with a chaperone. Rabbits can be litter trained, and the rumor is that this one is already. Hamsters can be litter trained too, BTW, but I doubt we'll let them run wild in the living room.
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