Friday, June 11, 2004

The hamster in the rye.

After witnessing a tussle between the two caged babies, we decided they each needed their own cage. According to the experts, we have weeks more, but watching them wrestle and make little unhappy noises at each other seemed like our cue to expand the accommodations. We got a smaller version of the first cage, and it's doing fine. I now think that getting the large cage was a bit of a waste in the first place.

When we went to the pet store to get the new cage, my daughter took an interest in the reptiles. She saw a Jackson's chameleon (which did not have horns) and got to touch a leopard gecko. Watching that chameleon's eyes swivel all around is almost as cool as watching my daughter enjoy the chameleon at all.

That night, the hamster in the loaner cage spent the night running on the old squeaky wheel. At around 3:00 in the morning, I got up and disconnected the wheel from the cage so that he couldn't run on it. In the morning, my wife took the wheel out, and in the evening the dogs destroyed it. It was a team effort.

The babies are now larger than mice and looking more like real hamsters. Their bodies are growing into their oversized heads. They're very cute.
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