Friday, June 18, 2004

Stop ruining my movies with advertising!

Since getting a TiVo, I've gotten to see a lot more movies. I set it up to record things (often in the middle of the night), and then I can watch them whenever, in as many sittings as necessary. It's also even better than a VCR at skipping commercials.

TBS, however, isn't satisfied with putting commercials only outside the movie. They've decided that when the movie returns from commercial break, they're going to put a commercial inside the movie. They take over a big chunk of the corner of the screen and play their commercial there. TBS isn't the only station to do this, but they've irritated me with it the most.

A movie I watched weeks ago had sound in this commercial. It drowned out the dialog of the show I wanted to hear.

Another movie I watched had its dialog clobbered because it was in subtitles. TBS's ad for some upcoming show blocked out what the bad guy was saying to his evil cohorts.

They probably think this is justice. It's comeuppance for the remote-wielding public. Viewers who watch programming without watching commercials are stealing, after all, so they've had this treatment coming for a long time. Since virtually everyone is a thief, I doubt it bothers TBS that even people who watched the regularly-scheduled commercials are still having their show ruined by the commercials designed to foil commercial avoiders.

It won't be long before every show has a ticker along the bottom of the screen, with a steady stream of advertising. It'll be timed to coincide with the show, so as to leave no doubt about what brand of widget has saved the protagonist from certain doom. It'll be a glorious day for advertising.
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