Thursday, June 17, 2004

Near-death on the tollway.

On a three-lane highway, sometimes the middle lane is empty, and cars from either side both try to get into it at once. I see it happen more than any other near-accident, usually in front of me. Today, I was one of the cars. It's a little frightening, but we didn't really get that close to a wreck.

What really bothered me was when I had another lane-change problem later in my trip. I'm driving in the center lane, passing someone on my right, when that car tries to change lanes into me. I swerved into the (thankfully empty) left lane. If you see Illinois license plate "NFL NUT" on the road, watch out!

Either one of these wouldn't have been worth talking about. The fact that I had two of these in one trip worried me. I guess these random events are bound to double up eventually, but it still is giving me the creeps.
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