Sunday, July 18, 2004

College lies

Sometime during my freshman year of college (that was 1991), I had this in my .plan file.

1. I was just about to log out.
2. I'm going to get up early tomorrow.
3. I'm awake (really).
4. I go home every weekend.
5. Dorm food is even better than my mom's.
6. I'm not ticklish (so don't even try it).
7. I've never missed a class.
8. I never wait till the last minute.
9. I think multitasking is silly.
10. I know my roommate better than my computer.
I could say a lot about my first year of college, but what I usually say about it is only that it was the worst year of my life. What the above says to me is that I've forgotten so much about that year that I no longer understand what was funny about those ten lines. They brought a sardonic smile to my face back then. Now I scratch my head, stroke my chin, and I wonder if I've forgotten too much.
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