Sunday, July 25, 2004

Picky scavenger.

Bailey (our golden retriever) barked for more food tonight; that's not unusual. Blond Bailey Big Belly Barker has a voice that makes me jump when I'm standing next to it, a bark to rattle windows, a bark to rattle cages, a bark to rattle hardened criminals.

Once I figured out why he was barking, I gave him the food. This is also not unusual. When it comes to food and the dogs, our attitude is, "you whine, you win."

What is unusual is that he declined to eat it. He barked at me again! I put his food in the other dog's bowl, and Bailey wouldn't stand for it. I couldn't believe it! The dog eats trash; the dog eats plastic, spoiled meat, or virtually anything food-like that we leave laying around, but it's beneath him to eat out of another dog's bowl.
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