Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I, fan of robots.

I read the book something like ten years ago. When I saw the first trailer for "I, Robot" the movie, it looked like it was a far cry from what Asimov had in mind. I don't like seeing books I've enjoyed made into lousy Hollywood craptaculars, but this one seemed to bother me more than that.

In discussing this at the theater this weekend, my sister said she remembered a story where it looked as if a robot had murdered its master, but I couldn't remember one. I looked through story summaries, and I remembered most of them but still couldn't find one like that.

I finally ran across the Wikipedia entry for the movie, and it all came together.
  • The screenplay was written before they took Asimov's title!
  • There was already a good faithful screenplay written!
I saw Harlan Ellison's screenplay published in Asimov's magazine way back when. I couldn't remember that fact, but I remembered to be confused when I saw a trailer that didn't match what I read as a boy.

For all I know, it's a good movie. Unfortunately, being saddled with the name of a great book means it has a lot more to live up to than if they'd just kept the original name ("Hardwired"). I don't see Bridget Moynahan as Dr. Susan Calvin, but she could have been fine as some similar character in a movie with its own title.
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