Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The President's responsibility.

I must say I was pretty floored when I read about President Bush taking responsibility for federal failures in the face of Katrina. John Kerry thought this of it: "The President has done the obvious, only after it was clear he couldn't get away with the inexcusable."

I guess I really am a bleeding heart. Or an optimist. I saw the man take a step in the right direction, and I thought right away that he was finally really doing the right thing. Of course, there's more to it than that, and maybe it's just that Rove is laid up.

Recently someone, asked about his politics, replied that he believes in personal responsibility. He didn't say whether he voted for Bush, but I assume he did. I think it must be hard for Bush's voters to admit that now, given how unpopular he is. I'm glad I don't have to take responsibility for that while believing that responsibility is of great importance (not that responsibility isn't important).

Also, the fact that Bush is now unpopular doesn't prove that he's a bad President (though I think he is). I like the fact that his decisions are not based on popularity polls. That having been said, I like to think that America is waking up to some of the things I thought about our President a long time ago.
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