Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hot deals

For some reason, this post (at Feministe) has reminded me of a quote from a really bad movie I paid to see once.
Here's the background: Senators Clinton and Murray (yeah Washington State) brokered a deal with the White House to quit blocking Bush's nominee for head of the FDA in exchange for a ruling on over-the-counter sales of Plan B. The senators stepped aside, and Lester Crawford was confirmed. Shortly afterward, he announced that his agency was finally taking action on Plan B — by indefinitely postponing a decision.
The line I'm thinking of?
First rule when dealing with the devil: don't.
Most of what I've read about the topic has come from proponents, so I don't think I have a good view of it. This post is really about White House duplicity and the sad fact that I still can't get that awful movie out of my head after ten years.
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