Monday, July 25, 2005

Where the sun does shine after all.

My helpful daughter came with me to the basement to move clothes from the washer to the drier. She brought with her a small flashlight she'd been playing with. When the time came to handle clothes, she stuck the flashlight between her legs to hold it there while she helped. With that in mind, I bring you...

Top ten reasons for that spot of light on the floor behind my helpful daughter
  1. She ate a Halloween light stick.
  2. That alien tongue she spoke before English was her natural language, and this is just another part of her natural beauty.
  3. The sugar, spice, and vast quantities of nice things have mixed in a way to create a luminescent reaction.
  4. The mice in the rafters can't aim the spotlight very well.
  5. A lightning bug conspiracy whose true nature, if understood, would topple civilization as we know it.
  6. The beams of Daddy's pride have finally found physical manifestation.
  7. She's animatronic.
  8. It's a figment of your hallucination.
  9. She really is full of sunshine, and it's leaking.
  10. Well, there is that flashlight...
I just can't forget the sight of my little girl clenching her knees together and projecting a spot of light on the ground behind her as if her fanny had a halo.
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