Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Roberts and the Federalist Society

I haven't paid close attention to the Roberts nomination, but I finally found an idea about it that I feel like propagating. It's this:
We're talking about the moral and intellectual caliber of a nominee to the highest court in the land. If he really has forgotten so many details about his association with the Federalist Society, he is suffering from some form of premature dementia, which surely disqualifies him for this position. If he's compos mentis, he is lying.

Sorry, weaseling.
(Found via this post at Feministe.)

As a part of my not paying much attention to this story, I haven't cared much whether Roberts was a member of the Federalist Society. This says that it's like being a member of MoveOn.org, but I've always thought the eeeeevil of that organization has been exaggerated too. Let me reiterate, however, I'm writing from ignorance. I'm not proud.

In any case, the "I don't remember" lie doesn't cut it. I can accept having someone in the court who agrees more with President Bush than with me; I didn't win an election. What I can't stand is having a judge who can't be honest with us about himself.
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