Friday, July 08, 2005

A few Treo 650 links for our mutual enjoyment.

In my research into getting a Treo 650, I encountered a few links I'd like to save, and I've decided to store them in your brain. Just relax and continue to scan your eyes over the text. This won't hurt a bit.

This says that I can get my beloved Voice Memo feature on the Treo 650 just by copying the application from my Zire 72 (using FileZ). I was going to try that anyway, but it's nice to see someone saying it'll work.

Pocket Tunes is allegedly the very finest of mp3 player applications for palms. It plays my beloved Ogg Vorbis files, so if I ever consider loading up the SD card with music for a non-iRiver-having emergency, I'll want this 'ware. It's $15, which isn't so bad.

The Missing Sync is supposed to be damn fine Mac-specific synchronization application. It's what Palm Desktop shoulda ougtha been. What really rolled my socks up and down is the claim that it will mount the SD memory card on the Mac OS X desktop. I'll have a freaking wireless card reader, you USB-tethered chuckleheads! It costs $40, which I consider to be overpriced, but I'm splurging big time on this gadget anyway, so it's time to go all out while the goin' is good.

Verily, the only question I have now is whether it would be worth it to buy Internet access for this modern marvel or if I should save my monthly money.
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