Sunday, July 31, 2005


I saw "Bamboozled," and I think I missed the point.

The plot features a black man (who acts white) who creates a TV show for a white boss (who acts black) in which black performers wear blackface and act like idiots. I've heard that the director has remarked that the only black people TV audiences are comfortable with are buffoons. There are no dramas with an all-black cast, only comedies.

Maybe that was the point of the movie, and no more.

The movie seemed a bit preoccupied with history. It showed artifacts of the time when blackface was popular, and it took care to show how blackface was originally made (by burning cork).

This is the first movie by Spike Lee that I've seen, so maybe there's some underlying theme to his movies that I'd understand if I saw more of them.

In any case, the movie seems to be some obvious comment about racism and/or race relations. The fact that I don't understand it makes me wonder if I'm missing something important.
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