Friday, September 24, 2004

Wink and a smile.

The other night, we were at a restaurant, and my darling daughter was standing on the booth bench, looking around. Then she said to me, "she close one eye," talking about the woman behind us.

I grinned, and I explained that when someone closes one eye, it's called a wink. Then we had a brief discussion of what that means, and we had attempts at winking.

What knocks me out about all this is that she was able to explain this idea to me in a way I could understand. It was something she'd never seen before, but I knew what she meant when she told me about it. Then I was able to fill her in on the details. That sort of interaction is what I've looked forward to since before she was born, and it's getting more and more common.

In days following, I've winked at her and asked her what it's called. She remembers, and I smile.
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