Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Another reason I hate XP.

Windows XP sucks because it can't figure out which items on the menu I use. Windows 2000 would reduce the program menu only to things I'd used recently, and it worked fine. I liked it that way, though it hides how much of my computer I'm wasting on things I hardly use. In my current XP situation, there's a program group in which I use only one item. Once in a while, it reduces that group to that one item, but then it bounces back to showing me every item.

On the accessories menu, there's one group in which there's one item that I use. This morning when I opened the accessories menu, that group was the only one missing. When I got that group to appear, the one item I use in it was the only one hidden.

I could accept that Windows 2000 would sometimes reveal all the Microsoft Office applications to me. I thought it was an underhanded way for Microsoft to declare itself essential, but compared to some of the other stuff they've done, it's minor. That's how they've lowered my expectations. Apparently, they haven't lowered them enough because I'm still disappointed.
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