Friday, September 17, 2004

My car is a little more legal.

This morning I finally got a new license plate sticker to replace the one that was 2.5 months out of date.

When our workplace moved here, we were told that the local cops patrol the parking lots, ticketing out-of-date stickers. I'm here to report that it's not true, at least for me. I've been living in fear for ten weeks, and nothing has happened.

What does it mean when the police are out looking for sticker violations?
  • Crime is low.
  • Police chief's dog run over by car with outdated sticker: vengeance.
  • State is strapped for cash.
  • Cops don't want to face impatient speeders.
  • Donut delivery trucks have been found to be flagrant violators in the past.
Anyway, this unfortunately does not mean that my car is all legal now. It just means that the cop parked behind me on the tollway won't notice anything suspicious.
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