Saturday, September 25, 2004

Joho the Blog: My Tuesday with the World Economy Forum

I'm linking to this mainly because I took part in the comments. I figure my loyal fans might be interested, and I might want to find it later.

The main entry is about David Weinberger speaking in front of some entertainment and media folks about why their concept of the Internet and copyright is not quite how their customers think of it. I quote David:
To them, the Internet is a transport for distributing bits they own. Its lack of DRM is a hole that they will plug.
And, at the risk of appearing narcissistic, I quote myself:
Does DRM help sales? The best argument I've heard is that it helps because without it, the content producers wouldn't have provided the content at all. This is like saying the gigantic dent in my car helped sell it because I wouldn't have put it on the market otherwise.
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