Saturday, September 18, 2004

On a personal note.

My mother's sister married my father's cousin. Without thinking about it, that sounds fishy, but it's not. Nobody's married to a blood relation. Still, this has some odd effects.

While waiting on my mom's surgery, my aunt and uncle waited with me. She remarked to him, "Kyle's your nephew, but he's also your cousin."

He replied, "don't say that too loud." People might get the wrong impression.

The most noticeable effect for me has been that their children are my cousins through both of my parents. As a result, I see them at family gatherings for both sides of my family almost as if they're my siblings.

I never thought much of it. As kids, we called each other "double cousins." The other slightly odd connections didn't come up much. That day at the hospital was the first time I've been reminded of this little oddity in years.
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