Friday, September 24, 2004

Palm update: not dead yet!

I found this today, which explains in some more detail the USB palm problem I've experienced. However, it sounds from that explanation as if, (1) this kill-the-palm game I'm playing won't really solve the problem, and (2) if it does, the problem will come back later anyway.

Ultimately the solution is to have PalmOne give me a new one, but it's certainly out of warranty.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that draining the battery isn't so easy. After it first appears to give up and stop turning on, it still has a charge, which is in evidence if you hit the reset with a paperclip. I finally got to the next level of near-death by putting a clip on the power button and hitting reset. With the power button down, it would hold the boot logo on the screen until it couldn't anymore. Upon implementing this little plan, I congratulated myself on my cleverness, and walked away thinking I'd have a lifeless palm in no time.

On my return, I was dismayed. Now, the power button's light is on, but only faintly. That must mean it has some power, but reset doesn't work, so there's no way to get it to tax itself further. I'm now waiting for that little light to go off, a light so faint that I need to carry it to a very dark room to see it.

When it does go off, it still may not do what I want.
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