Wednesday, August 25, 2004


We went to the Brookfield Zoo on Sunday. Some highlights:
  1. A cow tried to eat my shirt. I feared briefly that my souvenir from the zoo would be a shirt with one sleeve torn off. Bystanders laughed when I asked the cow, "don't they feed you?"
  2. The last time we were there, my daughter sat on my shoulders with her pacifier and stuck her fingers in my mouth and nose. This time she sat on my shoulders and encouraged me to climb on the rails so she could get closer to the polar bears.
  3. Chipmunks and squirrels are almost as exciting as ibex and rhinoceros. Some think it's funny to call the chipmunks "chickmice."
  4. When you buy a drink at the zoo, they won't give you a straw, and there's a sign that says they could be dangerous. We brought our own straws because Mom can't drink anything otherwise.
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