Saturday, August 28, 2004


I watched "Underworld," and I'm glad that I did not pay for it.
  • The opening fight sequence reminded me too much of "The Matrix," but I still enjoyed it.
  • I was really looking forward to Kate Beckinsale as a vampire, and she wasn't bad, but I guess I expected more.
  • No explanation of immortal abilities. Are the vampires in this movie susceptible to silver, or just the werewolves?
  • I actually rolled my eyes at how the villain bought it in the end. It's a ridiculously unrealistic way to go, and this movie wasn't holding me as well as "Kill Bill," or even "Johnny Mnemonic," where I'd seen it before.
  • I'm getting a little sick of "cool" movies where the characters are so cool that they act as if they're playing poker all the time. No reactions!
I was going to watch "Resident Evil" next, but I could tell early that it would also be a disappointment. I won't subject myself to two in a row like that.
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