Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chat log, Mon Jan 25 1999 13:26

[Him greeting Me missing]
<Me> Greetings.
<Me> Spain? Are you the same person who was just talking to me from Morocco?
<Him> flootinfgns
<Me> I don't know what that means.
<Him> yes
<Me> Is there something on your mind? Something you want to talk about?
<Him> how are you now?
<Me> I'm fine. I probably ought to get some work done. It's not been an eventful day today.
<Him> my mind is a white paper
<Me> Scissors? Rock?
<Him> why?
<Me> Because Stone Cold said so.
<Him> a hard day ,yes?
<Me> No, pretty dull.
<Him> open the door and talk slowly
<Me> Anything I should say?
<Him> do you know butragueƱo?
<Me> No.
<Him> no
<Him> unculto
<Me> What is butragueno? What is unculto?
<Him> is an actress
<Me> I've never heard of her.
<Him> is a porno star
<Me> That's probably why I've never heard of her.
<Him> are you a gay guy?
<Me> No.
<Him> yes
<Me> Yes what? You're a gay guy?
<Him> of course
<Me> So you're tooling around IRC looking for other gay guys by mentioning (female) porno starts to see if they recognize the names?
<Him> do you like suck me the penis¿
<Me> No.
<Him> yeahh
<Him> are you very intelligent
<Him> but you are not guy?
<Me> I'm intelligent but not gay. I know, that's pretty unusual, but statistically I have to exist.
<Him> tell me the truth, you are gay, no?
<Me> Honestly, I'm not gay. I like women.
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