Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A tip on counting readers.

Garou responded to my Trend setter post by saying:
I'm fairly certain that my blog (to which you have linked) has less readership than yours. At last check, I average .5 hits/day - so I have one regular reader who checks every couple days.
I read Random Brain Dribbles through Bloglines, which uses the site feed. Since the site feed contains full entries, I don't have to touch the actual site at all.

This is part of why my site feed shows partial entries only. I want readers to come here where I can see them. Any time you're giving full entries in the site feed, there's the possibility of readers hiding behind some aggregator.

Also, there are visitors who are not regular readers. Any time I post, there's the possibility that I'll get a few visitors bouncing on the "Next Blog" button. There are also folks who arrive (often to the archives) as a result of a search. Of course there are a few I never figure out.

Anyway, it's easy to say that I write for the joy of writing, but I notice also that I write for the joy of feedback, whether that's entries in a log or comments on a post. There have certainly been times that I've written something, enjoyed it thoroughly, thought it was so great, and then been disappointed that virtually none but my regulars ever saw it.
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