Thursday, April 07, 2005

Really that dumb after all.

Back when Terri Schiavo was still alive, there was a memo that made it into the hands of the democrats which some believed was a "GOP talking points" memo. It said Schiavo was "a great political issue," and it listed ways to take advantage of her sad state.

Insert outrage here.

There were questions about its authenticity, and I have to admit that I looked at what was floating around and thought, "the opposition is not that dumb." I knew they were disgracefully exploiting the situation, but I didn't think they'd put it on paper and pass it around like a flyer.

Well, they did.

Admittedly, it was some low level staffer at some newbie Senator's office who wrote the thing. It's not as if this is some official Republican Party position statement. Of course, it's also not an evil Democrat plot to discredit the Schiavo-loving Republicans.

I'm fortunate, I guess, that I never got around to writing about the memo myself. I can now admit I was wrong in the same post where I divulge the truth, and I don't have to hem and haw to try to save face.
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