Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bush is still unpopular.

Months ago, I said, hey, for a new President, Bush wasn't very popular.

Now it turns out that's still true.
Bush's current rating is 45%. The next lowest was Reagan with 56% in March 1985.
Here are a few more links in the same theme:Some repeated points:
  • Republicans are being divided.
  • People are now concerned about domestic issues rather than foreign.
It's still possible that, as Bush likes to say, what he's doing is right and we just don't know it yet. "History" will judge. This sounds to me like a feeble plea to stop questioning.

What really set me off on all this was this story: "Boos and Catcalls Greet Bush at St. Peter's" Bush is at the Pope's funeral, paying his respects, as it were, and when his face comes up on the big screen, people boo. Granted, these are not all Americans, but it says something about our President nevertheless. It says BOOO.
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