Saturday, April 09, 2005

Please excuse my boredom

Blogdex tells me that this article is popular. It argues against Paul Graham's assertion that hacking is like painting. I suppose that this appears to be controversial, but I'm far too cool and worldly to get riled by such a common troll. I've seen this argument before, and I've had it up to here, and I'm bored with it now. If you'd like to be as cool (and bored) as I am, have a look at a few previous iterations.But, really, I advise against it. It's a red herring. The three examples I've provided really just scratch the surface. This theme has come up over and over again. It's worth considering for the time it takes to sketch a happy face or write Hello World, but after that, it's a waste of time. A waste of your time. Save yourself from the debate fate I've already endured.
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