Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Terrorist vote.

There was a flap a while back about bin Laden favoring Kerry in the coming election. "Who al Queda would vote for" discusses that. He says that al Queda loves Bush, based on their own words, the effects they've seen since Bush has been in office, and the opinion of an anonymous expert. I frankly don't put a lot of stock in any guesses about who the terrorists want to win our election, but it's interesting to speculate.

I heard someone say that we know Bush has done a good job securing the country because there have been no more terrorist attacks. I think this is a lousy argument (regardless of whether the conclusion is true), but it makes me wonder, what would be the effect of an attack right before the election? Would voters rally around Bush, as they did after September 11? Would they suddenly decide that he'd done a lousy job protecting them? Would they throw him out, as voters did in Spain after March 11? Sadly, those two are not the only options. In any case, I doubt The Terrorists can answer this question better than we can, and I doubt that they'll do something to disrupt the election without knowing the effect, but that's just more speculation.

If The Terrorists got on TV and convinced America that the candidate they really can't stand is Nader, would we all suddenly vote for him? Our votes are ours, made on our terms, for our reasons. If you're going to vote the way al Queda says not to, you might as well let the terrorists vote for you.
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