Saturday, October 23, 2004

National pride, diminished.

Four years ago, I read "A Minor Political Screed" by David Brin, and it cemented my opinion that Gore was a better candidate than Bush. It's worth rereading today and remembering a time when we made decisions not based on fear of flaming death. Back then, I think people feared the other certainty, taxes.

Recently, I read "Right and Wrong" and I had a similar "yeah, that makes sense" reaction, but on a completely different topic. Four years ago, I thought that Bush would be bad for the country financially and socially. Today I think that Bush has been bad for our country in even less tangible ways.

I've talked about how unpopular the country is with the rest of the world now, and that's aggravating, but it's insignificant compared to how Bush has affected my view of my own country. It's disgraceful, and I feel it personally.
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