Friday, October 29, 2004

Azureus: Java BitTorrent Client

I've been using Azureus on my Mac for a while now, and it's been serving me pretty well. I look at once a day (being sure to kill the frames one way or another), slurp up new torrents that I'm interested in, and give them to Azureus to work on.

Things I like about Azureus:
  • I can set a global bandwidth limit and not worry about the individual torrents (before, I'd throttle them individually).
  • I can configure it to stop seeding once the ratio hits 1.0 (or other conditions).
  • I can set high and low priority for individual torrents and the files within the torrents, so I can somewhat control "what comes first" without starting and stopping things.
What I don't like about Azureus:
  • The interface seems sluggish at times.
  • Since it's in Java (and therefore cross platform), it's not very well integrated with Mac OS X.
  • I've had to kill it a few times, and not always because I'd pulled a fast one on it.
All in all, this means I can download entertainment much faster than I can find time to enjoy it all. Such is my hardship, thanks to Azureus.
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