Saturday, May 22, 2004

Three trips for diapers.

When we run out of diapers, it's a crisis. There's a limited time, and we must get more. It's like toilet paper. Even if we don't need anything else, we have to make a trip to the store. Saturday was a day we had to make a trip to the store just for that--three times.

On the first trip, my wife went and had a few other things in mind. When she got to the diapers, the aisle was blocked, so she continued shopping. She forgot to go back.

On the second trip, I go, and I get the diapers and one other thing. I pay for them both, but I leave the diapers with the cashier. I notice my error when I get in the driveway. The diapers are on the receipt, but not in the bag. I didn't notice there had been a second bag.

On the third trip, I got it. Victory.
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