Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Baby hamsters at two weeks old.

The hamsters will be two weeks old sometime between tomorrow night and the night after that. They grow faster than credit card debt. There's a noticeable difference in them every day.

As of now, their eyes are still not open, but they're mobile, and I saw one eating solid food. They've got a thin coat of black fur, and they have disproportionately large noses and feet. Sometimes I think I can tell the boys from the girls.

We got Baby a cage with a tube that runs straight up to a small area with a lid we can open, and she made her nest there. She's brought so much bedding up there that the tube is completely blocked. I thought I should scoop out some of that to get it out of her way until I saw how she was dealing with it. Baby has no trouble diving through the wood shavings to get down to the food and water, but the youngsters aren't big enough to make it. I think she wants it that way because on her way out, she scoots the bedding in around them, keeping the way blocked. When one got out and fell down the tube, Baby took it in her mouth and hauled it back up, climbing backwards the whole way.

She seems to be taking good care of them. They have fat little bellies, and all four seem energetic.
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